Hello friends!

It feels like forever!

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote. I’ve finished Barnaby Rudge, Martin Chuzzlewit, and Dombey and Son and I loved them all! I hope to write about my experience reading them soon!

The pressure of writing every week was a bit challenging and I felt a bit limited by focusing only on Dickens. It can be a bit taxing to read the same novel for a long period of time in the sense that you feel you are getting a bit repetitive. I hope that wasn’t the case and that it won’t be the case in the future.

I’ve decided to get back to my blogging first because well, I miss it. I love having a space to share my thoughts on the books I am reading. Also, I would love to get back to writing and I really enjoyed the freedom of this space. I hope I can remain consistent.

What to expect?

More Dickens! Of course! The next book in my journey will be David Copperfield which, I have to admit, is the one I am both nervous and excited to read. I’ve been looking forward to it for a while and I’ve heard so many people tell me it’s their favorite so I am feeling the pressure.

In the past few months I’ve also rediscovered my love for academic research so I may be sharing some of my findings here.

Anything besides Dickens? Yes! I am actually taking on the challenge of reading War and Peace in the next few weeks and I’m hoping I can document my journey here!

Ultimately, my hope is to create more content about Dickens, about 19th century literature, and the classics in general. One of the main reasons for starting this project, of reading all of Dickens’s novels, was that I wanted to read more classics and books from the 19th century that I didn’t get a chance to read when I was in college. I feel like I missed out and I am planning to read a lot of these masterpieces for fun before I can work my way back to college in order to earn my PhD. I hope this blog will become a way for me to document my journey, meet new people and share ideas, and also to have a place where I can look back and reminisce about these wonderful books.

Are you ready?


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